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The Retreat is a collaborative journey of a group of professionals who thrive on bringing self-sustaining joy to others through success and fulfillment from life. Each member of our team specializes in different areas of Mindbody wellness.

Our motto is...

"Help Cultivate Inner Wellbeing for Optimal Living."

Retreat Practitioners

Maulik K. Trivedi, MD

A Physician with advanced certification in MindBody Medicine from Harvard Medical School.



Pran Mumma, A.P., C.A.P.

A Certified Acupunture Physician who specializes in traditional and non-needle acupuncture for an array of physical and behavioral health concerns.


Camille Francis, LCSW

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Accelerated Resolution Therapist, who works well with issues such as PTSD.







Julie Dumois, LCSW, RYT

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered 500 and 250 hour Yoga Teacher, EMDR and Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapist. She specializes in working with sexual and relationship difficulties.







Ha Alberti, RCSWI

A Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern and certified EMDR Therapist. She specializes in mindful movement for relaxation and stress management.






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