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Discover your Best-Self: 
Each and every human being holds the potential for abundance in their life. It is in our nature to be physically healthy, resourcefully rich and emotionally happy. To activate our true capacity for all of this, however, we must transform ourselves to create the happiness and success that we seek. It takes awareness and effort to fulfill this dormant potential.
Our dormant potential is best manifested when our nature, namely our MindBody, is synergized by the nature in which we live.  By Synergizing, we allow our true potential to fully manifest itself. We bloom into our Best-Self and achieve our highest level of happiness and success NATURALLY.
As our Best-Self, we live consciously. We feel connected with every moment in our day, experience self-sustaining success in our endeavors and experience lasting fulfillment from life.
You are invited to discover & maintain your Best-Self at The Retreat. We provide education, support and guidance to help you create your highest level of health, happiness and success NATURALLY !
Come discover your Best-Self...
Let your LIFE blossom to its naturally abundant potential.


3610 Madaca Lane

Tampa, FL 33618




1602 Oakfield Drive

Suite 205

Brandon, FL 33511


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